Inequalities that Men Face?

Question by Yup*: Inequalities that Men Face?
We hear a lot about the inequalities that women face. What are some unfair things that men deal with? I thought of parental rights after a divorce. Any other ones you can think of?

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Answer by carpediemmaster
being hired as secretaries or admin asst etc
Teaching USED to be mostly female, but I think that has progressed a lot in recent years

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  1. Derek Says:

    money ater a divorce as well, there is a sterotype that we are stupid and football obsessed. Also if a business decides to hire a man over the black female they can get in trouble so we would have a harder time getting a job. Also the male male discrimationg and stuff comes from people thinking you are feminine or they want to hire a hot female to work wih instead of the man.

  2. Officer Tom Says:

    I was discriminated for a job at Victoria Secrets in Atlanta. If I get pulled over, I can’t unbutton my shirt and get out of a ticket. I never get a night of free drinks at the bars (except mens night at the gay bars) but women get a ‘ladies night’ where they get into the bar free AND they get free drinks

  3. The Dude @ Boston Says:

    I can’t flirt my way to a free cup of coffee from the boss. I can’t flirt my way into a one on one meeting with a director.

    Maybe if I shave my legs and wear a dress…

  4. Melanie S Says:

    I think that in America today, young men have it harder in the education system. It’s not “cool” for boys to be successful academically, but it’s expected of girls. There is a culture of low expectations for boys, I think. Too sad!

  5. ponyponyryan Says:

    Parental rights after a divorce is a great example!

    Men are often discriminated against in employment (why would a man want to be an elementary school teacher or a day care employee unless he’s a child molester). However, generally men are better off than women for employment.

    Men are often expected to know how to do certain things like fix cars and the like (stereotypical guy stuff).

    Men are often criticized for taking traditional women’s roles like nursing, stay at home parent, PTA member (as a matter of fact the first male PTA president just recently happened, look it up in my source reference), or secretary.

    Men are often thought of as being much more aggressive, we can sometimes be pigeonholed into that (even if we are pacifists).

    There are lots of other examples, we live in an unequal world!

  6. bikes, babes, beer, money, music Says:

    it sure is hard to tell a woman she looks nice without causing an event

  7. gardensallday Says:

    In the US, men have to register for selective service (is that what it’s called? I’m female and didn’t have to register). If there were a draft, I’m not sure women would be drafted. Are men still paying for movies & restaurant meals on dates? That’s ok if the guy makes more money, but otherwise it isn’t fair unless the woman reciprocates, imo. Men have no say about if a woman has an abortion, but I don’t know how that problem can be fixed in a fair way (which is why it hasn’t been fixed). You’d have to have artificial incubators or something.

    I do think men are stereotyped about being football addicts, but hell, they are!! OK, every man I know. Men are expected to know how to fix things. I have to admit that if a guy knows less about fixing cars than I do, or home improvement, I think they are kinda wussy. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them or pal around with them, but I already went thru a marriage where my behavior was more masculine than my ex’s. So even though my husband is a football junky & wants to use the chainsaw when I’m not around (he relented) life is great. So it is hard for a guy to know whether to be “sensitive” or masculine (I don’t like the term macho).

    In general, women have many more inequalities to deal with because men made the rules and it hasn’t been fixed up yet. My husband agrees with this & says he is so glad he wasn’t born a woman.

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